10 May 2012

Nokia management banned N9 from some websites

N9 banned from website
If you visit the Finnish Nokia website and look for their products, you will see a difference: Nokia N9 disappeared from their product catalogue. 

We all wonder, what does the doubtful Nokia management under CEO Stephen Elop want to achieve with this move? Has the N9 been such a big threat to the inferior Windows phones? Fortunately not all Nokia websites are affected by this update. 

N9 a threat to Microsoft's Windows Phone?

While the same happened to the official Swiss website, others like the Australian, Romanian or Russian one seem to be ok. As a website about the N9 we of course support this device, its developers and users. Therefore we cannot accept what Nokia does there, especially since the N9 is one of their newer devices. Older Symbian devices are still listed (what we are happy about) - so why not the N9?

Nokia profit shares
It looks bad for Nokia's new strategy 
The reason might be its success:

Under the given circumstances the N9 is a very successful mobile phone. It overall has very positive reviews, more inbuilt features than other smartphones, a unique hardware/software design and importantly, a strong community supporting it. Even if Nokia doesn't want to publish numbers of the N9 success, sales figures must be pretty good (consider the weak marketing and the refuse to sell N9 worldwide). 

We can't say the same about Windows Phone. While the new Lumia 900, supported by a huge, expensive marketing campaign, is thoroughly a welcome object in the United States, the older Lumia 800 didn't provide the necessary success in Europe. While Nokia and Microsoft paid a huge sum into marketing, developers and even users (cheap prices, free given-away devices), the N9 had to achieve that all by itself. Hence it's very likely that compared to a Lumia phone, the profit margin of a N9 is by far higher. 

What could make the Lumia series more successful? One of them is trying eliminate the concurrence - the easiest one to remove is certainly the N9. 

Nokia smoked by Microsoft?

Microsoft laughing
The only one who can laugh is Microsoft
The Nokia-Microsoft deal was announced as a benefit for both companies. So far we haven't seen anything like this. Since the deal, Nokia fired many valuable workers, closed factories in Europe to move the production to China (yes the N9 is made in Finland) and has achieved a record of profit- and market share lost. 

While Nokia helps to promote Microsoft products and develops applications for their operation system, Microsoft hasn't given anything back than money and an Office mobile app (but Nokia's former flagship N9 was left out). It looks more and more like Nokia isn't ruled anymore by people who work in the interest of Nokia and European mobile phone products. 

Microsofts Windows Phone isn't a bad product, but it doesn't fit the feature-rich operation systems Nokia used to sell and it certainly won't be possible for Nokia to keep all their loyal customers - most of them have to look for a non-Nokia alternative what is a sad trend already going on. Nobody would complain if Nokia would sell Windows Phone next to their home-made operation systems and keep up the values of the company. But that's not the case and the uneasy feeling comes up that Microsoft abuses Nokia as a way to promote their own unsuccessful products.

Get one as long as you can

White N9
"The Unicorn" - White N9
It's difficult to say what comes next. Support for N9 should be assured and a next update will certainly come. Yes, the N9 has been removed from a few websites but that doesn't mean carriers in the concerned countries don't sell it anymore - at least as long as they have it on stock. Most websites still feature the device and there are daily new N9 users all around the world. It's certainly bad news for the N9 and Nokia as a Finnish company, but a typical N9 user has nothing to worry about. And if you can't be proud anymore of Nokia, be proud of the people who created this amazing device.

But if you are a fan of what Nokia used to be and want to own the last true Nokia device (next to Nokia 808 PureView) - made in Finland - our advice simply is: Get one as long as you can! 

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  1. Great article. I've been buying Nokia products exclusively for over a decade but will move away from Nokia. It's no longer the company I once adored.

    I would never have considered RIM or Samsung in a hundred years if Nokia continued its previous path, but now I shall not consider any of their products so long as sell Windows Phone.

  2. @Anonymous
    I feel the same as you. You are not alone.

  3. I also agree with you. The Microsoft alliance set the Nokia knowledge back for years and their products too. I read that Nokia has many important patents, I'm sure Microsoft is after them. It's a scandal that the Finnish government let such an evil company from overseas destroy our Nokia! I've enough seeing that Microsoft crap everywhere - I wished there would be better alternatives for Office, if I could get rid of that, I finally would be M$ free :)

  4. What the heck Nokia??!

  5. Nokia made many mistakes over the years, but Ellop has destroyed this very proud company. I have brought Nokia products for the past 10 years.I do not understand why the board and shareholders are allowing the demise to happen. Yes they can sell windows phone but they need to produce their own product. The winner for Nokia is MeeGo and ellop knows this as its selling better than windows and if they released it global then Nokia would have the 3rd operating system developers would produce apps and Nokia would be producing profits not warnings, but a new device running MeeGo needs to be produced now as the N9 cant compete on hardware specs but we all have to accept that Ellop has done what all Nokia's rivals wanted, bust by 2013 and the vulchers will be out to pick up the patents.im typing this on the N9 in the UK its so sad this awesome phone will be my last Nokia.

  6. nokia is hiring the wrong guy.
    i just don't think Stephen Elop has the talent and style to run nokia.
    when he is in MS, he is just riding on MS success...
    if you ask him to manage in MS he will not success as now MS is currently going down.

    look back history, since when any hardware company works with MS has a success result.
    1.) Sega Dreamcast after switch to Windows CE...
    2.) Palm after switch to Windows Mobile...

    Stephen Elop is just a runner of MS..
    he has no solution for Nokia so he will just listen to what MS head office suggest..

    joining MS, nokia don't gain much..
    as it does not make any $$$ from App store.
    the App store is own by MS.
    currently Ovi store is own by Nokia,
    it can make $$$ from it.
    in thsi way, at least nokia can make $$$ from hardware + app store.

    Nokia will not make much $$$ from WP hardware..
    as there are already a few player around (htc, LG, samsung), also there is competition from apple, android, BB and others etc...
    i suspect nokia currently is selling their WP phone at lost.
    (if you compare the same type of hardware phone of others band, nokia is selling less expensive)

    in order to make nokia sound making $$$, what he can do is to cut cost..
    shifting manufacture location, cut human resource, closing down factory etc..
    which i dont see it will help nokia in long term..

    i felt that sooner nokia will be under MS,
    the reason is that in order for MS to success in WP,
    MS should needs only one handset supplier in such MS can control and focus on ..

    look at the rest of the big WP supplier,
    they actually had actually focus more on their alternative platform (samsung, LG, HTC all having android), they will not focus on WP7..
    again they also wont make $$$ from App store, (inffect they are setting up their own app store)..thus i dont think they will support MS much as compare to android.

    thus to me MS needs just one supplier..
    and now nokia is runing by an ex-MS guy that has no solution..which i think most properly nokia will be part of MS..

    i hope this wont happen as i think the original nokia is a good and innovative company and their Europe culture and spirit is better as compare to US company like MS (apple is exceptional) ..:)

    just my 2 cents opinion.

  7. As a little addition: 101 Reasons Not to Buy a WP :P http://my-symbian.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=44034&sid=41

  8. Good that author has the courage to write such an article. It's also interesting to read all the comments and I totally agree with everyone. Nokia N9 and N8 are my only Nokia smartphones and I can't imagine anymore using something else than Nokia software.
    Honestly what are the alternatives?

    -WP: No way, maybe if I would be a kid or a teenager. It looks good and I like that WP looks different to anything else. But the OS is pretty useless and to me its not a smartphone at all.

    -iOS: Everyone talks about iPhone. But the only good thing about them is the amazing marketing, support and strategy. OS is too dependent on apps. Without apps (out of the box) the iPhone barely can do anything. iOS 5 finally has some necessary improvements (like a notifications system) - but the rest, well... And IMO their OS looks so outdated.

    -Android: To me the best alternative. But still not as many practical functions like a N9 or N8. OS is sometimes very laggy and I heard many complains I've never experienced with my Nokia phones. The usability never comes even close to a swipe user interface the N9 has.

    -Blackberry: Special product, hard to compare with other smartphones. If Blackberry maybe the further BB10 could be an option for me

    -Tizen: Still under development, no idea how it will be

    So simply said: With Nokia disappearing from the smartphone world, there are no alternatives out there right now, what is pretty sad!

    1. I feel the same..........the N9 is the last real Nokia and probably my last nokia if they don't get rid of WP

    2. the Nokia employees who worked on MeeGo have formed a company called JOLLA, and this company's purpose is to carry on the MeeGo software. they have released their own version called sailfish, and hardware will be unveiled in early 2013.

  9. Do you guys think there is a way to save Nokia from Microsoft and evil Elop? Or is it too late? Btw I'm still on a N8 and love it. But was thinking of getting a N9 - would it worth it?

    1. CrazyAnonymous10 May 2012, 20:27:00

      Even though I'm a proud N9 owner and think it'll soon become 'obselete' in the hardware sense, I'd STILL recommend getting one either now, or in a year's time.

      The device is an absolute pleasure to use. It's not always smooth during swiping, but I'd rather have that with the knowledge my apps ARE multitasking in a predictable way.

      Essentially, owning to its true Linux core, it is FKING stable. It has not deadlocked or crashed at all for me, where Symbian devices would do this from time to time.

      Though if you do get a N9, remember the traditional app store, get-rich-quick type developers have or probably will soon move away from it. Good riddance! This device is about the community and openness. If we know anything about that, this community is IMMORTAL and continues to support devices decades!

      For those that want app store, bend over and get shafted by the money-worshiping incompetent thrash that's out there.

      Linux is about sharing for humanity! I vow to work on some N9 apps and spread the goodness!

      Elop that SOB has poisoned Nokia and I'm boycotting anything Windows from them. I will buy the Pureview 808 out of respect for the old Symbian gurus that worked hard on an amazing device.

    2. fuck app stores, from all the apps there is (ios, android ) there are maybe only 10-20 useful apps

  10. Thanks to all the people who left a comment (well we want to keep it as easy as possible to leave a comment, so that's the risk of having so many no-name-comments ;) ).

    We're looking forward to read all your comments (some really long ones!). Thank you for making this article so active.

  11. Did you ask Nokia for some official statement on this? I think it would be worth a try, although maybe they won't reply.

    1. I gave up asking Nokia things about N9 or MeeGo (as a private user) since the answers are always the same. But I will try it tomorrow morning or on Monday morning in the name of this blog. Thanks for the idea, I will let you know here in case I hear something.

    2. All you'll get is Lumia propaganda. That's all Nokia is spurting out these days. I'll help bring down Nokia to ensure every single person I've influenced over the years is aware that Nokia Lumia phones can get trojans which will run up huge phone bills. Since Windows already had this, and Microsoft is incompetent.

      If Elop is going to be an ass about his Windows lies, I think he should experience what bad publicity can do. Most the good talent people have left or been thrown out of Nokia so just the YES men are left behind. Don't think of it as the once great company, it has transformed into a Microsoft proxy.

      (Feel free to delete this comment if it is over the top, LOL)

      Anyway, I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo angry that I've no viable alternatives... iOS is dominated by mindless iDIOTS, Android is getting there but needs a supercomputer processor to make it run smooth and is full of adware/spyware, RIM is unappealing business orientated crap, so there's just Tizen that may be worth waiting for.

    3. Don't worry. We are an independent blog about the N9. This blog only exists because we were upset about what a low priority the N9 has on official Nokia blogs since the Windows strategy. As long as the language isn't too rude it will be ok. A free opinion is important to us.

    4. I tried ask Nokia on twitter yesterday, but unsurprisingly, no answer...

      Anonymous: well, I hope my N9 will work some time (I had my previous Nokia 6120 Classic for 5 years :) ), and who knows what will mobile systems look like after that time. But first presentations of Blackberry 10 seems quite nice to me.

    5. You guys are missing jolla mobile the meego team that started a company to continue the meego platform ill wait and see the phone they realese.O yea and i love my nokia N9 best phone I ever had.

  12. Good article. Such a shame what Nokia did with the n900, n950 & n9. Loved my n900, wanted a 950 and currently love my n9. The n900 was so much wasted potential from Nokia, they would not sell me the 950 and I had to import the n9 as they don't sell it in the us. Shame on you Nokia absolutely fantastic products that you either never realised the potential of or turned your back on. With all this stupidity Nokia deserve ms and the mediocre market share. If symbian was a burning platform just what the heck is windows phone, symbian had at least double digit market share!

    Shame on you Nokia...

  13. Yep. I love my two N9s and will keep them running until they stop working. I will not buy another Nokia device unless they get back on the track and drop Windows Phone completely.

  14. I really like the Lumias but I'm buying a N9 instead just for this reason. I mean, sounds like Windows Phones will be around for a while, so I'll get a N9. I still think that Meego is better than Windows Phone, but I support Nokia for making the decision of changing. Think about it.. With Meego, Nokia would be struggling all alone trying to get people on Meego, which doesn't even have essential apps like Whatsapp (yet) and Shazam. With Windows Phone, they have the help of Microsoft, which is also investing money in marketing and development. Anyways, when my N9 contract is over, I'm not getting another Nokia. I'll probably go for BlackBerry 10, which looks pretty similar to Meego Harmattan. Nokia should make another Meego device, even if it's only a Limited Edition.

  15. Thomas Flowerchild11 May 2012, 13:57:00

    I live in Belgium, and on the Belgian Nokia site, the N9 is also gone. This is just stupid.

    People love the N9, yet Nokia is killing it. People love the Nokia 808, yet Nokia is killing it (they still haven't given us a release date, they're being really quiet about it etc...).

    They only want to sell Windows Phones. But I don't like them, I want an OS that I can personalize (Symbian is perfect), I want to be able to send files via Bluetooth, etc...

    We should start a petition!

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Reason for removal: As N9 users, we are all on the same side and what you wrote isn't essentially wrong. But the choice of words was to aggressive and over our tolerance.

  17. What people fail to see is that Elop, most likely is a manager type of a guy who can't really tell the differences (core stuff) between the Symbian, MeeGo, Android or iOS... He came to the company which tried to reinvent the Facebook (ovi nonsense). S60 and undeveloped MeeGo was not something he wanted to bet the future of Nokia on. It's hard to blame him. That being said, I'm sure he simply did not anticipate the craftiness of his employees. Symbian, today, is awesome. N9, which i recently became an owner of, is better than anything...it's absolutely incredible. But, wp7 isn't all that bad either (my folks have the lumia 710)... What would you rather have him do? Go android?...everyone who bought Nokia devices before bought them because of the system you'd get on it, but if that was going to be changed it was going to be a bad decision, in our eyes, regardless of the way Nokia was going to go... At least, with wp7, they'll be forced to reconsider which is the "burning platform" lol

    1. I agree with many things you say. N9 was still a little bit underdeveloped when it was released - I think PR 1.2 changed that. But one can believe that MeeGo would have been developed better and faster if Nokia's CEO wouldn't have "killed" it. Windows Phone on the other side is very underdeveloped as well - many Nokia typical features are missing and Lumia phones (like 800 and 900) both used to have battery problems (or still have, I'm not sure) and a lot of limitations.

      Windows Phone isn't bad at all, even though it can't compete yet with iOS or Android. But it was a catastrophic mistake of Nokia to erase years of knowledge they put into Symbian and MeeGo and bet on a OS with such low marketshare and low popularity. Windows Phone - that's ok, but just as an addition to Nokia's other operation systems. Nokia lost many loyal customers for whom Windows Phone is just too different to a typical Nokia phone.

      No I'm not one of the people who wanted to see Android on Nokia phones. But maybe Android is a good way to win marketshare and make money with... See Samsung, they saw in time that Windows Phone has not the expected potential, are having a huge success with Android and are working now on their own operation system (Tizen, which is a successor of the original MeeGo (not Harmattan)).

  18. people who use nokia n9, i can bet they wont consider another alternative in their entire life, meego is an awesome OS in the market, but elops has killed it,if Nokia develop and produce meego based smart phone , def neatly Nokia will be the hero in the market in the if not??????? for me also n9 would be the last nokia phone..

  19. Finish website

    Swiss website

    1. Thank you for your comment. The links you gave us indeed show a N9 page. But those are only support pages - Nokia is obligated to keep them online. What we talk about in our article are removed N9s in the product catalog. Have a look at this link: http://www.nokia.com/ch-de/produkte/alle-modelle/ - no N9 shown anymore, same on the Finnish, Swedish and other website.

  20. I will be getting my N9 64GB in next 2-3 days. I decided to buy it after so many research and ready alot of blogs, reviews from many websites and finally decided to buy it as was dreaming about it from the day it was launched but hard luck it was not launched in India but after finding it available on ebay.in I planned to buy it and getting in 2-3 days and feeling proud. Thanks Nokia... :)

    1. Great you didn't give up on getting a N9! I'm sure you'll like it, it's even better once you have it in your hands. There are many, many Indians asking for the N9. A shame and huge mistake that Nokia doesn't sell it there...

  21. Hi all reading this, my view on all this, nokia will get back in the linux os wagon and build on harmattan the only logical option for survival...
    symbian os - grand dads phone
    win os - been there for a long time even before ios, and still cant capitalise
    linux os - make it like ubuntu and u have a hit, from techies to the gymer

    1. We hope the same... If MeeGo Harmattan would have enjoyed the same support they give to WP the situation might look much better for Nokia. Despite being a new OS, Harmattan is already much mature than Windows Phone. This can for example seen when you simply visit a WP forum and read about the mass of complains and problems. You don't see that, even in a smaller amount, in any Harmattan forum (especially after PR 1.2 update).

      Symbian is still a great OS and with Symbian Belle they made it feel and look again fresh and new. I'll see it clearly ahead of Android, but it hasn't that a good name, previous versions were slow/laggy and yes the core is old.

      The near future will be intense for Nokia and I hope there's someone left who can convince the board to make some right decisions soon...

  22. N9 can not be bought in Spain either.

    1. Sorry for that. It's very annoying for many people from different countries. I hope you find one over the internet - or we send you one, there are still a lot available here (starting at 325Euro, unlocked). Not sure though if we can do that ;-) Hope you find one! Good luck.