25 October 2014

Jolla's 9th update for testers and a gift voucher


It certainly has been a long wait for the 9th update which migrates Sailfish OS to Qt5.2 and therefore took (and still takes) a lot of internal testing at Jolla. The official update release shouldn't be far away, but Jolla went ahead and let willing users test the latest OS improvements. The pre-release also comes in handy for developers who are given a change to adjust their applications to the new Qt5.2 developer framework. 

17 October 2014

Jolla and Rovio release Angry Birds Stella Launcher


In collaboration with Rovio Entertainment, Jolla publishes the exclusive Angry Birds Stella experience with a special themed Android launcher.

The launcher features the multitasking user experience of Jolla's Sailfish OS and adds Angry Birds themed wallpapers, ringtones and an unlimited access to Rovio's ToonsTV. 

5 August 2014

Jolla sails to Hong Kong and gives away VIP package


On July 31, Jolla announced their new deal with telecom operator 3 in Hong Kong. The phone will be available from August 12. To celebrate the news Jolla gives away an unique VIP package including a special box, Jolla phone and all 4 official TOH covers.

3 August 2014

Jolla opens beautiful showroom in Kazakhstan


Jolla sailors have been working hard this summer to expand their global sales. After the India announcement on July 18th, Jolla also launches the phone in Kazakhstan with Mobile Invest.

23 July 2014

Jolla around the world on Twitter

Picture by@zzlu02

A while ago Jolla users started to tweet photos taken with their Jolla (or with their Jolla in the picture) from all around the world. Now that it is summer them and people tend travel around a lot we get to see some nice shots from around the world.

In case you are a Twitter user as well, please help to make this photo collection even bigger.

21 July 2014

Jolla Launcher updated to Alpha version 0.2.1


Jolla releases the next version of Jolla Launcher for community alpha testers. The update will be available via Google Play Store for invited Alpha testers.

The beta testing will start in August where everyone who signed up will be able to participate

18 July 2014

Hardware Adaptation Dev Kit 1.0 for Sailfish OS


Sailfish OS Hardware Adaptation Development Kit Documentation release 1.0.1-EA1. This documentation helps you set up a Mer-core based Linux system that will run on an Android device, on top of the existing Android Hardware Adaptation kernel and drivers.

Jolla phones coming to India

After the false report about Jolla being officially sold in China, there is true news today. Jolla phones are coming to India within a month and are being distributed via Snapdeal, an online marketplace being based in New Delhi, India.

This is Jolla's first campaign outside Europe and thus a confirmation for their expansion plans.